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About our group

Our group exists since 2001. We participate in professional competitions in sports aerobics and break-dance as well as in gimnastrads since 2003. Athletes in our group are taking first places in the competitions in our country. Athletes in our group also were representing our country in international competitions in sports aerobics in Moscow and took second place in the pair dance. 
The head coach of our team - Ekaterina Senderovich. 
Ekaterina in the past engaged in acrobatics for 15 years, from the age of 13 years in the national team of the Crimea. At the age of 15 years worked as an assistant of a coach at the junior groups. When she was 17 years old, she engaged in sports aerobics and sports rock-n-roll. At 18 years she got a coach diploma. 
In 1992 she emigrated to Israel. After a few years, agreed to resume coaching. In 1999 she started working as an assistant coach of gymnastics and in 2001 opened a group of sport aerobics. A few years later Ekaterina began to develop a line of break dance in the south of Israel, helping young children to work on the elements and staging break dance. Since then, Ekaterina Senderovich continues to train and represent our team in competitions across the country.