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Flash Dance

We are living in a dancing world.

Sport Aerobics, Breakdance and Freestyle

Welcome to website of "Flash Dance" Group.
Our group includes school of breakdance, sports aerobics and also free-style dance in Beer-Sheva. The basic principle of group Flash Dance - co-operation and integration between different styles of sport dance such as breakdance, sports aerobics, in addition to the concentration of each style in each dance. We start with children of different levels of training and give them an opportunity to grow in their chosen style like breakdance, or sport aerobics. Competitions are held each year separately for each style: competitions for a break-dance and sport aerobics, as well as joint competitions (such as freestyle dancing). Our team won lots of times with the original performances in various locations across the country, from Eilat to Karmiel. Our shows are combining different styles of dance and sport. They can express a serious idea or just be humorous and funny.
You are welcome to school of sport aerobics, school of breakdance and freestyle - "Flash Dance" Group.